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Title: Performance analysis of a wind turbine driven swash plate pump for large scale offshore applications
Authors: Buhagiar, Daniel
Sant, Tonio
Keywords: Offshore wind power plants
Wind power
Wind turbines
Pump turbines
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: Buhagiar, D., & Sant, T. (2014). Performance analysis of a wind turbine driven swash plate pump for large scale offshore applications. 4th Scientific Conference on the Science of Making Torque from Wind, Oldenburg. 1-8.
Abstract: This paper deals with the performance modelling and analysis of offshore wind turbine-driven hydraulic pumps. The concept consists of an open loop hydraulic system with the rotor main shaft directly coupled to a swash plate pump to supply pressurised sea water. A mathematical model is derived to cater for the steady state behaviour of entire system. A simplified model for the pump is implemented together with different control scheme options for regulating the rotor shaft power. A new control scheme is investigated, based on the combined use of hydraulic pressure and pitch control. Using a steady-state analysis, the study shows how the adoption of alternative control schemes in a the wind turbine-hydraulic pump system may result in higher energy yields than those from a conventional system with an electrical generator and standard pitch control for power regulation. This is in particular the case with the new control scheme investigated in this study that is based on the combined use of pressure and rotor blade pitch control.
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