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Title: Experimental and numerical study of radial flow and its contribution to wake development of a HAWT
Authors: Micallef, Daniel
Akay, Busra
Sant, Tonio
Ferreira, Carlos Simao
van Bussel, Gerard
Keywords: Horizontal axis wind turbines
Wind power
Wind turbines
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
Citation: Micallef, D., Akay, B., Sant, T., Ferreira, C. S., & van Bussel, G. (2011). Experimental and numerical study of radial flow and its contribution to wake development of a HAWT. European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition 2011, Brussels. 166-170.
Abstract: The scope of this work was to investigate radial flow component for a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in ax- ial flow conditions and to assess its impact on the turbine operation. This was done by means of Parti- cle Image Velocimetry and numerical simulation with a 3D unsteady potential-flow panel model. A direct comparison between the numerical and experimen- tal radial velocity results show differences in the tip and root regions. These differences have important implications on the wake development just at the moment of release of the tip vortex. Moreover, the impact of the radial velocities on the blade loading has been studied using the numerical results. The contribution of the radial velocity to the normal load on the blade is only slightly appreciable in the tip and root regions of the blade. However, as the numerical model does not account for viscous effects, further analysis of impact on boundary layer development is necessary.
ISBN: 9781618399915
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