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Title: Validating informal and non-formal learning through lifepass
Authors: Gatt, Suzanne
Curmi, Richard
Keywords: Non-formal education
Issue Date: 2011-07
Publisher: CEDEFOP
Citation: Gatt, S., & Curmi, R. (2011). Validating informal and non-formal learning through Lifepass. European Journal of Qualifications, 4, 20-27.
Abstract: The need to recognise and validate informal and non-formal learning has been recognised as part of Europe's Lisbon Strategy. and again in the EU2020 Strategy. This is both for economic reasons and social reasons. On an economic level Europe needs to havee a skilled workforce. Documenting all skills and competences thus becomes relevant. On a social level, many limes it is those marginalised citizens or those at risk of poverty who often do not possess formal qualifications but learn through their life and work experiences. This paper describes and discusses the development of an innovative ICT tool, Lifepass, to be used for the validation of informal and nonformal learning. This tool provides new approaches to present evidence of individuals' knowledge, skills and competences which is much more powerful than the Europass CV and different to the traditional porifolio. The results of the piloting exercise of Lifepass across ten different sectors and in nine different countries will be presented. Although not finalised and some problems were identified with respect to Lifepass, the researchers felt that Lifepass is a powerful tool which, although still needing further developed for the validation of informal and non-formal learning, can be that tool which suprecedes the Europass CV at European level.
ISSN: 20690290
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