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Title: Educational leadership for twenty-first century Malta : breaking the bonds of dependency
Authors: Bezzina, Christopher
Keywords: Educational leadership -- Malta
Values -- Malta
Schools -- Malta
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Citation: Bezzina, C. (2000). Educational leadership for twenty-first century Malta: breaking the bonds of dependency. International Journal of Educational Management, 14(7), 299-307.
Abstract: Educational leadership in Malta is currently undergoing a radical transformation at both systems and school level. The Maltese education authorities are delegating a number of responsibilities to the school site. Argues that whilst creating the self-managing school is the way forward to improve the quality of education there is doubt as to what leadership model, if any, central authorities are trying to institutionalise at both systems and school level. It is argued that central authorities need to project a clear vision which will help schools establish a professional culture which offers choice, opportunity, authority and responsibility. Whilst the changes that await us call for both adaptive and technical challenges, a claim is made for a focus on the human side of management. Highlights the importance of principlecentred leadership, a leadership which finds its source in the intellect, heart, mind and souls of individuals and one which is sustained through meaningful relationships. Leaders need to be given opportunities to develop as persons with special focus on areas such as learning, values, creativity and collegiality.
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