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Title: Morphological effects induced by Cucurbitacin E on ovarian cancer cells in vitro
Authors: Attard, Everaldo
Cuschieri, Alfred
Brincat, Mark P.
Keywords: Cucurbitales
Ovaries -- Cancer
Issue Date: 2005-01-01
Publisher: Natural Remedies Private Limited
Citation: Attard, E., Cuschieri, A., & Brincat, M. P. (2005). Morphological effects induced by Cucurbitacin E on ovarian cancer cells in vitro. Journal of Natural Remedies, 5(1), 70-74.
Abstract: Objective: To study the effects of Cucurbitacin E, extracted from Ecballium elaterium L. A.Rich. on ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro. Materials and Methods: Human ovarian cancer cells (OV_95_CC3) and human lymphocytes were treated with Cucurbitacin E (CuE), a tetracyclic triterpenoid. Morphological changes were examined under the microscope, using the Papanicolau staining procedure, after one and twenty-four hours incubation. Results: Marked effects were observed in treated ovarian cancer cells. With previously studied cell lines, reversible budding of cells and thread formation were observed. In the present study, cells treated with CuE demonstrated more dramatic changes, which were irreversible and more pronounced after twenty-four hours. These changes were not observed in untreated ovarian cells and normal lymphocytes treated with the same compound. Conclusion: From these results obtained, it can be observed that Cucurbitacin E is toxic to ovarian cancer cells but not to normal peripheral lymphocytes.
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