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Title: Primary study of the non-marine epilithic diatom communities of Malta and Gozo
Authors: Saliba, Francesca Marie
Ghobara, Mohamed Mahmoud
Attard, Everaldo
Ellul, Bridget
Keywords: Diatoms -- Malta
Diatoms -- Malta -- Gozo
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IJCMAS
Citation: Saliba, F. M., Ghobara, M. M., Attard, E., & Ellul, B. (2016). Primary study of the non-marine epilithic diatom communities of Malta and Gozo. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 5(10), 69-78.
Abstract: Non-marine epilithic diatom communities of two major Maltese islands, Malta & Gozo, were investigated for the first time. Fourty four samples were collected from eleven stations, which represented different springs and spring-fed streams distributed over the two islands. Extraction of diatoms and preparation of clean slides for microscipic investigation was carried out. A total number of 51 taxa belonging to 23 genera were identified. The most represented genera were Nitzschia, Amphora, Surirella, Luticola & Navicula. The most represented species were Gomphonema parvulum, Hanztschia amphysioxy, Nitzschia palea & Amphora ovalis. Most of the identified taxa show moderate to strong association with pollution, and show potential as indicators for forensic science and environmental assessment.
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