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Title: The University of Malta (Seismic Monitoring and Research Unit), University of Basilicata and Imaa-CNR (Italy) operations during the 2012 Emilia seismic sequence
Authors: D'Amico, Sebastiano
Gallipoli, Maria Rosaria
Mucciarelli, Marco
Vignola, Luigi
Keywords: Earthquakes -- Italy -- Emilia
Seismology -- Observations
Seismology -- Italy -- Emilia
University of Malta. Seismic Monitoring and Research Unit
Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis -- Italy
Universita' della Basilicata. Dipartimento di Strutture, Geotecnica, Geologia Applicata all’Ingegneria
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Malta Chamber of Scientists
Citation: Xjenza. 2013, Vol.1(1), p. 70-74
Abstract: On 20th May 2012 (02:03 UTC), and on 29th May 2012 (07.00 UTC) two major earthquakes occurred in Northern Italy. The two earthquakes caused 27 people to be killed (7 on 20th May and 20 on 29th May), at least 400 injured, and up to 45,000 homeless in total, with initial estimates placing the total economic loss at several billion Euros. The main goal of this communication is to describe the operations and efforts of several researchers and Institutions during the seismic crises of the Emilia sequence. The acquired data can provide tools to reduce the impact of future earthquakes on the local communities.
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Xjenza, 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1
Xjenza, 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1

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