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Title: Pharmacology of antidiabetic preparations
Authors: Schranz, Antoine G.
Keywords: Hypoglycemic agents
Diabetes -- Chemotherapy -- Evaluation
Drugs -- Side effects
Drug interactions
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Schranz, A. G. (1985). Pharmacology of antidiabetic preparations. Medi-Scope, 7, 24-26.
Abstract: Indications (i) Insulin dependent (type I) diabetes mellitus (ii) During pregnancy - when hyperglycaemia is present. (iii) During acute insulin deficiency states uncontrolled diabetes with ketosis hyperglycaemia with dehydration and hyperosmolarity. .. (iv) Hyperglycaemia complicated by acute infections, major surgery, severe trauma and/or steroid therapy. (v) Diabetic patients with severe kidney disease or serious liver damage. (vi) Certain cases of type II diabetes - not controlled by diet and manifesting oral hypoglycaemic agent failure. Insulins are commonly extracted from beef and pork, produced in conventional purity and highly purified forms and available in different strengths - the common ones stocked being U40/ml and USO/ml - duration of action subdivides the preparation into short-, intermediate- and long-acting insulins. All these insulins are derived from pork, except for 'Lente' and 'Rapitard' which are beef and pork, and 'Ultralente' which is beef.
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