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Title: Drug misuse in sport
Authors: Attard, David
Keywords: Doping in sports
Anabolic steroids
Drug abuse
Issue Date: 1986-03
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Attard, D. (1986). Drug misuse in sport. Medi-Scope, 8, 9-11.
Abstract: There is a general impression that doping in sport is just a recent phenomenon. This is far from the truth as "even as early as the third century B.C., athletes in the Olympic games tried to improve their performance by eating mushrooms ... " (Hanley 1979). During the last century, such drugs as cocaine, strychnine, caffeine and heroin were abused of by athletes in various sports. In a survey carried out by the Italian Football Association (FIG C) in 1961, it was found that 17% of all players took psychotonics and 94% of first division clubs used some sort of drug.
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Medi-Scope, Issue 8
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