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Title: Effects of certain diseases and drugs on dental-oral tissues
Authors: Boffa, Charles J.
Keywords: Drugs -- Side effects
Periodontal disease
Issue Date: 1986-03
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Boffa, C. J. (1986). Effects of certain diseases and drugs on dental-oral tissues. Medi-Scope, 8, 17-23.
Abstract: The mouth and teeth are the first functioning part of the gastro-intestinal tract. Oral tissues are sensitive to various conditions, diseases and drugs and liable to various symptoms. The hallmark among other symptoms of pernicious anaemia, leukaemias, allergy, acute infection, vitamin deficiences, syphilis, tuberculosis, metallic and other poisonings may be seen here. The sharp jerky movements of the tongue in chorea are among its symptoms. Drug sensitivity and poisoning may also bring characteristic lesions and changes in colour in oral tissues - factors sometimes taken into consideration in forensic medicine.
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Medi-Scope, Issue 8

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