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Title: Therapeutic ultra-sound
Authors: Sacco, Mark
Keywords: Ultrasonic waves -- Therapeutic use
Ultrasonics in medicine
Issue Date: 1987-03
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Sacco, M. (1987). Therapeutic ultra-sound. Medi-Scope, 10, 13-16.
Abstract: The results of research, the use of sophisticated equipment and the contribution of electronics to the field of medicine haue contributed in a big way towards a change in the management of uarious medical/ surgical conditions, and especially so in Orthopaedic practice. In a general population whose pace of life is getting fast and whose degree of daily actiuity is increasing, the need of an efficient treatment that aims to return the patient back to his/ her actiuities in as short a time as possible is felt. This is not possible in all instances but there is a great number of conditions such as sprains, bursitis, tendonitis, capsulitis, etc, that can be treated in such a way as to keep the patient mobile rather than restrict him to bed, chair or immobilise him in plaster! Obuiously some other form of treatment in lieu of rest must be applied and this can take the form of ultra-sonic waues, heat energy, electric therapy etc. Of these, ultrasound plays a special role, and proof of this is the number of patients successfully referred to the physiotherapy department for ultrasound treatment. It was with this uiew in mind that I became attracted to this well documented account of the discouery of ultrasound, its physical properties, and its effects on the tissues, its indications and contra-indications. Euery doctor who refers a patient for ultrasonic therapy and euery physiotherapist that applies the treatment must be conuersant with its properties, indications and contra-indications. Those who are not, are well aduised to read this article carefully.
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Medi-Scope, Issue 10
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