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Title: New developments in anaesthesia
Authors: Wildsmith, John A. W.
Lee, Alistair
Keywords: Anesthesia -- Developments
Anesthesia in obstetrics
Electric anesthesia
Anesthesia -- History
Issue Date: 1987-11
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Wildsmith, J. A. W., & Lee, A. (1987). New developments in anaesthesia. Medi-Scope, 11, 15-16.
Abstract: Anaesthesia is now a rapidly developing medical speciality which is acquiring new skills and a wider sphere of influence. This is apparent with the involvement of anaesthetics in the field of intensive care; the setting up of clinics for the management of chronic pain; and increasing moves towards greater independence of anaesthetists' specialist organisations. In Britain, an increasing amount of surgery is being performed on a one day hospital stay basis and this has been helped by the recent development of new British drugs allowing rapid patient recovery. High technology microprocessor systems are being put to use to improve post-operative pain relief, and to ease methods of administration in order to prevent lack of oxygen occurring during an anaesthetic. In contrast to this, another problem receiving increasing attention is that of awareness that occurs during general anaesthesia. Interest in this has been expressed in the country, not only by anaesthetists but also by the courts, which are prepared to award large sums in compensation. Intravenous induction of anaesthesia is the normal method in Britain, with hangover effects lasting hours and are not ideal when fast recovery is desired.
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