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Title: Turning the blue into black : the Mediterranean oil pollution problem
Authors: Axiak, Victor
Keywords: Mediterranean Sea
Oil pollution of the sea
Marine pollution -- Mediterranean Sea
Marine pollution -- Environmental aspects
Issue Date: 1979
Publisher: Upper Secondary School Valletta
Citation: Axiak, V. (1979). Turning the blue into black : the Mediterranean oil pollution problem. Hyphen, 1(5), 41-47
Abstract: It has been intoxicating poets, writers and artists for centuries. It has been loved, fought for, mistreated land enjoyed by a succession of civilizations. It is annually invaded by millions of tourists (one-third of all international tourism) in search of fun, beauty and past glories. Moreover, the economic, social and political future of our islands is inseparable from this sea's future. And meanwhile, the Mediterranean has become the cesspool of its member states, a polluted body of water, waiting to be cleaned from a long list of major pollutants. Right on top of this black list, comes that dark fluid on which our modern society is so much dependent - oil. Though representing only 1% of our planet's ocean surface, the Mediterranean receives more than its fair share of global oil pollution. What are the likely causes which have led us to such a near-crisis situation?
Appears in Collections:Hyphen, Volume 1, No. 5 (1979)
Hyphen, Volume 1, No.5 (1979)

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