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Title: Two patients presenting with Raynaud's phenomenon and the demonstration of Cryoglobulinaemia
Authors: Aquilina, A. P.
Keywords: Raynaud's disease
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Aquilina, A. P. (1989). Two patients presenting with Raynaud's phenomenon and the demonstration of Cryoglobulinaemia. Medi-Scope, 13, 5-6.
Abstract: Various tests in pathological conditions make use of an abnormal precipitation of proteins. Hence Bence Jones proteins which precipitate from heated urine are relevant in multiple myeloma. Precipitation of monoclonal macroglobulin forms the basis of the SIA Test. However most of these techniques have been replaced by electrophoretic and immunological methods. There remains a heterogenous group of conditions characterized by the presence of cryoglobulin where the demonstration of limited solubility remains a cornerstone in diagnosis. The cryoglobulin precipitation tests was first described over 50 years ago ; it remains an essential investigation in the reC0gnition of cryoglobulinaemia and is also useful in the detection of immune complexes in general. Two patients both presenting with Raynaud's phenomenon in whom pathological quantities of cyroglobulin were present will be briefly discussed.
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