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Title: Lead poisoning : a pathophysiological overview
Authors: Scerri, David
Keywords: Lead poisoning
Lead -- Toxicology
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Scerri, D. (1989). Lead poisoning : a pathophysiological overview. Medi-Scope, 13, 29-32.
Abstract: During the last century, there has been a steep decline in the incidence of industrial lead poisoning and a similar decrease, in the number of deaths due to lead poisoning. However, many people are chronically exposed to high atmospheric lead concentrations, which although not causing lead poisoning, may cause subclinical effects, i.e. metabolic disturbances undetectable by usual clinical procedures. Table 1 compares the lead concentrations in an uncontaminated environment with today's levels and their effects on body lead .. The 'safe' upper limit is considered to be about 70ug of lead per decilitre of blood.
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