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Title: The research road we make : statistics for the uninitiated
Authors: Formosa, Saviour
Scicluna, Sandra
Azzopardi, Jacqueline
Formosa Pace, Janice
Calafato, Trevor
Keywords: Geographic information systems
Statistics -- Malta
Research -- Data processing
Research -- Management
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: National Statistics Office
Citation: Formosa, S., Scicluna, S., Azzopardi, J., Formosa Pace, J., & Calafato, T. (2011). The research road we make : statistics for the uninitiated. Valletta: National Statistics Office. 9789995729141.
Abstract: Today the use of statistics has evolved far beyond its genesis. The use of statistics by individuals and organisations has become ubiquitous, leading to a wider informed knowledge-base that starts from the process to gather and understand the data up to the end phase where informed decisions need to be made. This is the case across the different thematic domains ranging from the natural and social sciences, medicine, business, and other areas. Statistics can be used and unfortunately, abused; the latter leading to the generation of serious errors in both description and analysis, in turn leading to misleading interpretations. Few are immune to such error generation and the need is felt to ensure that we are aware of the responsibilities researchers have in generating statistics. Therefore, when the National Statistics Office was approached, early in 2010, by a group of researchers to assist in publishing a book on statistics intended for persons who are non-conversant with this discipline, I readily accepted, as they had found a niche I believe was untapped locally. This idea was appropriately launched during a World Statistics Day seminar, marked for the first time ever on 20 October 2010. The feedback was positive and encouraging. This book introduces statistics to higher education students who are not necessarily mathematically oriented, and whose perception of statistics may be tinged with fear. Its scope is not to review equations and formulae, but to outline the importance of the strict rules that govern research methodology and the sound interpretation of results. In other words, it identifies uses and abuses of statistics, and is a useful text even for those who may eventually specialise in statistics. In many respects, therefore, it is different from other mainstream statistics textbooks. While the views expressed by the book’s authors do not necessarily reflect NSO’s official stance, such initiatives are to be commended as they help promote statistics, which are so vital in today’s day and age. The ultimate aim of this publication is to educate, and to promote statistical literacy. This forms an intrinsic part of NSO’s long-term vision.
ISBN: 9789995729141
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