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The Faculty for Social Wellbeing was established by the Council of the University in July 2012. The setting up of this Faculty has brought together a number of entities of the University which address different aspects of ‘social wellbeing’. These were either existing departments, institutes or centres of the University, or were newly created with the establishment of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing. The departments and unit within the Faculty offer a wide range of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, a number of which lead to a profession. Several of the departments organise regular seminars and conferences which serve as excellent opportunities for continuous professional development for practitioners in the social sector. Members of staff of the Faculty are deeply committed to research and a number contribute to research projects at both a national and international level. Several are respected, widely published scholars in their field of specialisation. In addition, many of the members of staff engage with the community through their contribution to government boards and committees, to non-governmental organisations and professional associations.