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Title: Creating a Maltese register for mathematics in Malta
Authors: Farrugia, Marie Therese
Keywords: Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- Malta
Maltese language
Grammar, Comparative and general -- Function words
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Farrugia, M.T. (2015). Creating a Maltese register for mathematics in Malta. Malta Review for Educational Research, 9(1), 79-97.
Abstract: In Malta it is a common practice to use code-switching or mixing for the teaching and learning of mathematics. While this offers pedagogic benefits, some educators have argued in favour of using English throughout. It is less common for educators to argue that mathematics should be taught wholly in Maltese. In this paper, I take up this latter idea and discuss the creation of a standard Maltese mathematics register, which would be necessary for such a hypothetical context. Using Halliday’s (1978) definition of register, wherein he considers how grammar is used to express interpersonal, textual and ideational elements, I consider the availability of Maltese mathematical terminology that parallels English expression. I conclude that Maltese lends itself well to expressing mathematics, although some new nouns and verbs may need to be established. On the other hand, while the passive voice in English renders a mathematical text more ‘formal’, the restricted use of the passive voice in Maltese implies that this grammatical function may not be a key feature of formality. Finally I note the unavailability of some verbs in Maltese that in English are used when mathematics serves as its own context, and wherein mathematics is rendered an autonomous system devoid of real life contexts or human agency.
ISSN: 17269725
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MRER, Volume 9, Issue 1
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