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Title: Secretary's report of the college's main activities in 2003-2004
Authors: Caruana, Noel
Keywords: Malta College of Family Doctors
Family medicine -- Malta
Medical education -- Malta
Issue Date: 2005-06
Publisher: Malta College of Family Doctors
Citation: Caruana, N. (2005). Secretary's report of the college's main activities in 2003-2004. Maltese Family Doctor, 14(1), 18-20.
Abstract: 1. Council Set up Following the Council elections, Council posts were assigned as follows during the first council meeting: • Dr Pierre Mallia- President and Secretary for Ethics • Dr Andrew P Zammit - Vice President • Dr Noel Caruana - Honorary Secretary • Dr Michael Cordina - Honorary Treasurer • Dr Michael Borg - College Registrar • Dr].K. Soler - Secretary for Research and Publications • Dr Mario R. Sammut - Secretary for Education • Dr Savior Cilia - Secretary for Information and Communications • Dr Anthony Xuereb - Member • Dr Anthony Azzopardi - Member • Following the resignation of Dr Azzopardi, Dr Philip Sciortino was by-elected The post of The Secretary for Quality Assurance was vacant until a suitable candidate was to be nominated. Doctors Jurgen Abela, Mario Grixti and Adrian Micallef were co-opted members of the council during the first council meeting. Subsequently Dr Mario Grixti was elected council member following the resignation of Dr Wilfred Galea. It was also decided that the following subcommittees would be set up to facilitate the working of the Council. It was stressed that the aim of the council would be to involve the college members as much as possible. The subcommittees set up were: l. Statute subcommittee 2. Research subcommittee 3. Ethics subcommittee 4. SAC sub committee 5. Education Subcommittee In October 2003 Dr Adrian Micallef was co-opted as Secretary for Quality Assurance. 2. MCFD·RCGP Teachers' Course The second Teachers Course. It was decided by council that a second Teachers course was to be organized. It was to be open to all college members. Preparatory work involving contacts with the RCGP started in October 2003. The members were asked to express their interest in participating in an eventual Course through mailing of information and through the Newsletter (October 2003) and the College's website. Following the encouraging response, a call for application was mailed to the members in February 2004. There were 19 applicants 18 ISSUE 01 JUNE 2005 of which 14 eventually accepted to participate in the two, five- day Teachers' Course. The first module was held in May 2004 with the second module being held in October 2004. Following approval by members at the EGM in April, the College contributed to part of the expenses, with the rest of the cost being paid by the participants.
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MFD, Volume 14, Issue 1

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