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Title: Epigenetics and its medical repercussions
Authors: Grech, Alfred
Baldacchino, Sandra
Tufignio, Marcel
Keywords: Epigenetics
Gene expression
Genetic disorders
Issue Date: 2010-12
Publisher: Malta College of Family Doctors
Citation: Grech, A., Baldacchino, S., & Tufignio, M. (2010). Epigenetics and its medical repercussions. Maltese Family Doctor, 19(1), 8-15.
Abstract: Inhentable traits are not only encoded in the sequence of DNA, but also determined by factors 'on top' of the DNA, the epigenetic information ('epi' is classical Greeh for 'on top') 1. Epigenetics is the study of those mechanisms that control gene expression which are independent of the DNA sequence itself.
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MFD, Volume 19, Issue 1

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