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Title: Trawling as a major threat to Mediterranean maerl beds
Authors: Bordehore, Cesar
Borg, Joseph A.
Lanfranco, Edwin
Ramos Esplá, Alfonso A.
Rizzo, Miraine
Schembri, Patrick J.
Keywords: Trawls and trawling -- Mediterranean Region
Rhodomelaceae -- Mediterranean Sea
Marine ecology -- Mediterranean Sea
Red algae -- Mediterranean Sea
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas
Citation: Bordehore, C., Borg, J. A., Lanfranco, E., Espla, A. A., Rizzo, M., & Schembri, P. J. (2000). Trawling as a major threat to Mediterranean maerl beds. First Mediterranean Symposium on Marine Vegetation, Ajaccio. 105-109.
Abstract: European project MAST III CT95-0020 studied the characteristics of European maerl beds and the effects of human activities upon them. In the Mediterranean, trawling appeared as the major impact on these habitats. In this study we compare the characteristics of maerl beds from a fished and an unfished site from 2 localities, Alicante (SE Iberian Peninsula) and Malta (central Mediterranean). We conclude that recurrent trawling affects negatively the maerl ecosystem by decreasing the size and cover of the component calcareous algae and increasing the relative proportion of fines thus diminishing mean sediment grain size.
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