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Title: Changing public opinion towards organ donation
Authors: Lauri, Mary Anne
Keywords: Social representations
Social marketing
Donation of organs, tissues, etc. -- Law and legislation
Donation of organs, tissues, etc. -- Malta
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Nova Science
Citation: Lauri, M. A. (2008). Changing public opinion towards organ donation. In L. O. Petrieff, & R. V. Miller (Eds.), Public opinion research focus (pp.9-36). New York: Nova Science.
Abstract: When promoting social change, public opinion plays a crucial role regarding the way different groups in society react to the proposed change. In this paper I will discuss how the Theory of Social Representations could inform social marketing campaigns to facilitate change in public opinion. This case study is about changing public opinion towards organ donation and as a result, increasing the number of donor card holders. To do this, formative research was carried out before the campaign. Attitudes towards organ donation were investigated using three data collecting tools: (i) a survey using a quota sample of 400 people; (ii) five focus groups and (iii) interviews with doctors, donor families and recepients. The data colleted from the survey was subjected to statistical analysis including hierarchical log-linear analysis and homogeniety analysis. Transcripts from the focus groups and interviews were analysed using thematic analysis. The survey was repeated four times over a period of ten years to track the change in public opinion regarding organ donation. It was found that public opinion changed partially as a result of the campaign. Some changes was sustained for ten years after the campaign.
ISBN: 9781604560060
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