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Title: Febrile convulsions
Authors: Soler, Doriette
Keywords: Febrile convulsions
Convulsions in children
Convulsions -- Pathophysiology
Issue Date: 1997-12
Publisher: Malta College of Family Doctors
Citation: Soler, D. (1997). Febrile convulsions. It-Tabib tal-Familja, 13, 15-18.
Abstract: Febrile convulsion (FC) is not synonymous with any convulsion with a fever. The most widely accepted definition is that of the Consensus Development panel on Febrile Convulsions which has defined FC as "an event in infancy or childhood, usually between 3 months and 5 years of age, associated with fever but without evidence of intracranial infection or other definable cause. Seizures with fever in children who have suffered a previous nonfebrile seizure is excluded. FC are to be distinguished from epilepsy, which is characterised by recurrent, nonfebrile seizures". In addition anoxic or syncopal seizures induced by fever are not included in the group of FC. Although the degree offever is not specified in the above definition, many will agree that a rectal temperature of 38D C or above is essential for diagnosis.
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It-Tabib tal-Familja, Issue 13
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