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Title: Constraints in the Maltese livestock sector
Authors: Attard, George
Keywords: Livestock -- Malta
Agriculture -- Malta
Water-supply -- Malta
Farm manure -- Malta
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: CIHEAM
Citation: Attard, G. (2006). Constraints in the Maltese livestock sector. MEDITERRA 2008: La Situation Agricole et Agroalimentaire en Méditerranée à l ’Horizon 2020, 25, 1-5.
Abstract: Malta became a full member state within the European Union in May 2004. The Maltese agricultural sector now has access to one of the largest markets, but in return had to remove all sorts of protectionism from inbound European products. As we stand to-date, two years post membership; the livestock sector is expressing a lethargic attitude and portraying an air of despair and confusion. This paper will attempt to identify and highlight shortfall fundamental for a sustainable livestock sector.
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