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Title: Challenges and opportunities in the rural development plan for Malta
Authors: Attard, George
Keywords: Rural development -- Malta
Agriculture -- Malta
Regional planning -- Malta
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: CAP
Citation: Attard, G. (2007). Challenges and opportunities in the rural development plan for Malta. CAP 2007-2013 and its impact in Malta. 1-7.
Abstract: Malta became part of the European Union in May 2004. On the 23rd June 2004, the first Rural Development Plan for Malta was approved. This plan was designed to establish a concrete base platform through which the Maltese agriculture sector could evolve and develop. The plan provided for the growth and de· velopment of the sector in a sustainable manner applying guide, lines and procedures common to the rest of the other European Member States. This plan recommended that the overall strategy for Maltese agriculture should focus on the development and specialisation of agricultural niche quality products that are best suited for the Maltese agro,ecosystems, The 2004·2006 Rural Development Plan was the first ever serious attempt to put together a series of measures capable of acUng and reacting in synChrony to achieve measurable results. The second Rural Development Plan 2007-2013 aspires to implement a strategy that builds upon the achievements and mile, stones of the first Plan. It seeks to offer a more deliverable pro, gramme that IS well aware of the strengths of the rural sector while at the same time addressing relevant weaknesses in order to attain a more sustainable development of agriculture. The in, elusion of past, as well as recent experiences both from a technical and from an administrative point of view will strengthen the commitment in focusing on present and future needs of all stakeholders as well on current European and world trends. The objective of this paper is to highlight the challenges and opportunities that are present in the Rural Development Plan (RDP) for Malta 2007 -2013.
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