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Title: Cues to gemination in word-initial position in Maltese
Authors: Galea, Luke
Hermes, Anne
Gatt, Albert
Grice, Martine
Keywords: Word (Linguistics)
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: International Phonetic Association
Citation: Galea, L., Hermes, A., Gatt, A., & Grice, M. (2015). Cues to gemination in word-initial position in Maltese. 18th International Congress on Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow. 1-5.
Abstract: In this study we investigated word-initial geminates in Maltese, focusing on sub-segmental acoustic durations: constriction duration and, where appropriate, VOT; and the duration of adjacent segments: the tonic vowel duration and the duration of the inter-consonantal interval spanning the word boundary. This latter interval, between the consonant in the previous word and the singleton/geminate consonant, is measured so as to capture the presence and duration of a vocalic element, which has been referred to as epenthetic, and reportedly precedes word-initial geminates in the language. Whilst constriction duration plays an important role in distinguishing geminates from singletons (a ratio of 1.7:1), VOT does not. Moreover, although the duration of the following tonic vowel plays no role, the duration of the preceding context – the inter-consonantal interval – is a strong cue to gemination word-initially.
ISBN: 9780852619414
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