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Title: Distributed application reliability on unstable, dynamic, P2P-based platforms
Authors: Wadge, Wallace
Keywords: Peer-to-peer architecture (Computer networks)
TCP/IP (Computer network protocol)
Application software -- Development
Computational grids (Computer systems)
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of ICT
Citation: Wadge, W. (2004). Distributed application reliability on unstable, dynamic, P2P-based platforms. 2nd Computer Science Annual Workshop (CSAW’04), Kalkara. 129-131.
Abstract: Application developers are used to a homogeneous, reliable and easily manageable platform on which to deploy their applications. Increasingly however, the need for a highly scalable distributed environment is becoming prevalent. Just as TCP/IP offers reliability over unreliable links, we aim at providing a simple API to hide an underlying unstable, dynamic, P2P platform and present a consistent, reliable view to the applications requesting it. The API should provide robustness and features found in present Grid-systems, which have similar objectives but numerous inherent and logistical differences. Applications would be able to run in a distributed manner over such a platform.
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