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Title: Distributed system contract monitoring
Other Titles: Workshop on formal languages and analysis of contract-oriented software
Authors: Francalanza, Adrian
Gauci, Andrew
Pace, Gordon J.
Keywords: Autonomous distributed systems
Computer network architectures
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: FLACOS
Citation: Francalanza, A., Gauci, A., & Pace, G. J. (2011). Distributed system contract monitoring. In E. Pimentel, V. Valero (Eds.), Workshop on formal languages and analysis of contract-oriented software 2011 ( pp. 23-37). Bertinoro: FLACOS.
Abstract: The use of behavioural contracts, to specify, regulate and verify systems, is particularly relevant to runtime monitoring of distributed systems. System distribution poses major challenges to contract monitoring, from monitoring-induced information leaks to computation load balancing, communication overheads and fault-tolerance. We present mDPi, a location-aware process calculus, for reasoning about monitoring of distributed systems. We define a family of Labelled Transition Systems for this calculus, which allow formal reasoning about di erent monitoring strategies at di erent levels of abstractions. We also illustrate the expressivity of the calculus by showing how contracts in a simple contract language can be synthesised into di erent mDPi monitors.
Description: The research work disclosed in this publication is partially funded by the Strategic Educational Pathways Scholarship Scheme (Malta). The scholarship is part financed by the European Union European Social Fund.
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