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Title: A compensating transaction example in twelve notations
Authors: Colombo, Christian
Pace, Gordon J.
Keywords: Business -- Data processing
System analysis
System design
Expert systems (Computer science)
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Computer Science
Citation: Colombo, C., & Pace, G. J. (2011). A compensating transaction example in twelve notations. (No. CS2011-01). Malta.
Abstract: The scenario of business computer systems changed with the advent of cross-entity computer interactions: computer systems no longer had the limited role of storing and processing data, but became themselves the players which actuated real-life actions. These advancements rendered the traditional transaction mechanism insufficient to deal with these new complexities of longer multi-party transactions. The concept of compensations has long been suggested as a solution, providing the possibility of executing “counter”-actions which semantically undo previously completed actions in case a transaction fails. There are numerous design options related to compensations particularly when deciding the strategy of ordering compensating actions. Along the years, various models which include compensations have emerged, each tackling in its own way these options. In this work, we review a number of notations which handle compensations by going through their syntax and semantics — highlighting the distinguishing features — and encoding a typical compensating transaction example in terms of each of these notations.
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