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Title: Dealing with alcohol abuse within the family
Authors: Saliba, Mario
Keywords: Alcoholism -- Diagnosis
Alcoholics -- Family relationships
Alcoholism -- Psychological aspects
Alcoholics -- Rehabilitation
Issue Date: 2008-06
Publisher: Malta College of Family Doctors
Citation: Saliba, M. (2008). Dealing with alcohol abuse within the family. Maltese Family Doctor, 17(1), 6-8.
Abstract: The role of the family in understanding and treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse has been recognised since the 1970s. Before, these problems were believed to be related to genetics and/or individual psychopathology. There are some genetic linkages, but this is only part of the story. Nonns for acceptable behaviour with mind-altering substances are first encountered in families. It is acceptable that wine and other alcohol drinks are served with food on a daily basis in our homes. It is part of our culture that every occasion, whether it is winning a football game, a horse race, or a village festa, it is celebrated by freely drinking alcohol. Furthermore, conditions that exist in families may reinforce maintenance of these behaviours. Once these patterns are established, changing these patterns often involves and affects family members. Successful treatment will virtually always involve all the familyl. But the most alanning data about substance abuse in Malta was revealed from the European School Survey Project Alcohol and other Drugs (ESPAD) 1995 - 1999. The survey concluded that alcohol remains the number one problem. According to this study the fact that 1 in every 5 respondents said the last time they drank alcohol was at home, indicates the strong reflection of the acceptance of alcohol within our society and indeed within our families Also Malta compared very high in alcohol use among adolescents less than 16 years of age when compared to other European countries but it ranked very low when compared with regards to illicit drug use.
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MFD, Volume 17, Issue 1

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