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Title: Equivalence proofs for Erlang refactoring
Authors: Tanti, Erica
Francalanza, Adrian
Keywords: ERLANG (Computer program language)
Computer programs -- Correctness
Computer programs -- Testing
Software refactoring
Issue Date: 2013-11
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of ICT
Citation: Francalanza, A., & Tanti, E. (2013). Equivalence proofs for Erlang refactoring. Computer Science Annual Workshop CSAW’13, Msida. 17-19.
Abstract: Erlang is an actor-based programming language used extensively for building concurrent, reactive systems that are highlighly available and suffer minimum downtime. Such systems are often mission critical, making system correctness vital. In industrial-scale systems, correctness is usually ascertained through testing, a lightweight verification technique trading analysis completeness for scalability. In such cases, a system is deemed correct whenever it “passes” a suite of tests, each checking for the correct functionality of a particular aspect of a system. This is also true for large Erlang systems: even when correctness specifications are provided, it is commonplace for Erlang developers to use testing tools, automating test-case generation from these specifications.
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