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Title: Runtime monitoring of distributed systems
Authors: Francalanza, Adrian
Gauci, Andrew
Pace, Gordon J.
Keywords: Computer software -- Verification
Aspect-oriented programming
Computer software -- Testing
Autonomous distributed systems
Computer network architectures
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Citation: Francalanza, A., Gauci, A., & Pace, G. J. (2010). Runtime monitoring of distributed systems. Msida.
Abstract: Distributed and component-based architectures are becoming more prevalent computer systems. The increased complexities introduced by the distribution hampers dependability, emphasising the need for verification techniques tailored for a distributed setting. Runtime verification has proven to be a viable approach for verifying correctness, by focussing on the adherence of the runtime-generated trace to the desired properties. We present a broad taxonomy of current techniques to distributed monitoring, culminating in the proposal of a novel migrating monitor approach. We argue for certain situations where this approach presents clear advantages over current techniques.
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