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Title: A fault tolerance bisimulation proof for consensus
Authors: Francalanza, Adrian
Hennessy, Matthew
Keywords: Fault-tolerant computing
Distributed algorithms
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Citation: Francalanza, A., & Hennessy, M. (2007). A fault tolerance bisimulation proof for consensus. 16th European Symposium on Programming, Braga. 395-410.
Abstract: The possibility of partial failure occuring at any stage of computation complicates rigorous formal treatment of distributed algorithms. We propose a methodology for formalising and proving the correctness of distributed algorithms which alleviates this complexity. The methodology uses fault-tolerance bisimulation proof techniques to split the analysis into two phases, that is a failure-free phase and a failure phase, permitting separation of concerns. We design a minimal partial-failure calculus, develop a corresponding bisimulation theory for it and express a consensus algorithm in the calculus. We then use the consensus example and the calculus theory to demonstrate the benefits of our methodology.
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