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Title: The Mediterranean island states : Malta and Cyprus
Authors: Pace, Roderick
Keywords: European Union -- Membership
European Union -- Malta
European Union -- Cyprus
States, Small -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Lynne Rienner
Citation: Pace, R. (2006). The Mediterranean island states: Malta and Cyprus. In E.E. Zeff, & E.B. Pirro (Eds.), The European Union and the member states (pp. 493-533). Lynne Rienner publishers.
Abstract: The 2004 European Union enlargement also included the Mediterranean island-states of Cyprus and Malta, two former British colonies and members of the British Commonwealth. The islands share a number of similarities but they are also dissimilar in uniquely distinct ways. The membership applications of both states initially presented the EU with a number of political difficulties. With respect to Cyprus, many member states would have preferred to see the island join the Union after the ‘Cyprus Problem’ had been settled. As for Malta, the island showed a very high degree of Euroskepticism. It froze its application in 1996 but reactivated it in 1998. Apart from this skepticism the island’s neutral status, enshrined in the Constitution could present insurmountable problems.
ISBN: 9781588264794
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