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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Summary for policymakersCramer, Wolfgang; Guiot, Joël; Marini, Katarzyna; Azzopardi, Brian; Balzan, Mario V.; Cherif, Semia; Doblas-Miranda, Enrique; Dos Santos, Maria; Drobinski, Philippe; Fader, Marianela; Hassoun, Abed El Rahman; Giupponi, Carlo; Koubi, Vassiliki; Lange, Manfred; Lionello, Piero; Llasat, Maria Carmen; Moncada, Stefano; Mrabet, Rachid; Paz, Shlomit; Savé, Robert; Snoussi, Maria; Toreti, Andrea; Vafeidis, Athanasios T.; Xoplaki, Elena
2020DevelopmentDos Santos, Maria; Moncada, Stefano; Elia, Antonietta; Grillakis, Manolis; Hilmi, Nathalie
2019Extreme weather events in small island developing states : barriers to climate change adaptation among coastal communities in a remote island of FijiMoncada, Stefano; Bambrick, Hilary
2021Coping with environmental hazards and shocks in Kiribati : experiences of climate change by atoll communities in the Equatorial PacificCauchi, John Paul; Moncada, Stefano; Bambrick, Hilary; Correa-Velez, Ignacio
2021Nutritional diversity and community perceptions of health and importance of foods in Kiribati : a case studyCauchi, John Paul; Bambrick, Hilary; Moncada, Stefano; Correa-Velez, Ignacio
2019The benefits and downsides of multidisciplinary education relating to climate changeBriguglio, Lino; Moncada, Stefano
2019Economic growth and the concept of diminishing marginal governance effectBriguglio, Lino; Vella, Melchior; Moncada, Stefano
2021Malta : bucking the trend - how Malta turned its back on EuroscepticismHarwood, Mark
2021Europeanization and language : the impact of EU language status on MalteseHarwood, Mark
20191919 and the post-war British Empire : the international context to the Sette GiugnoDeBattista, André P.
2020‘Burying the Cold War in the Mediterranean Sea’ : the 1989 Bush-Gorbachev Malta ‘non-summit’ SummitDeBattista, André P.
2020Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem’ - John Henry Newman u l-Oxford MovementDeBattista, André P.
2020Ir-Reliġjon u d-dinja ta’ wara l-Gwerra l-Kbira : il-kuntest politiko-reliġjuż tas-sehem tal-Knisja fis-‘Sette Giugno’DeBattista, André P.
2016‘Playing one side against the other’ - Malta’s foreign relations in the age of détente (1969-1979)DeBattista, André P.
2017Riformatur, demokristjan u ewropejista : il-ħajja politika ta’ Eddie Fenech AdamiDeBattista, André P.
2018Mabel Strickland : il-battalji politiċi, it-twemmin politiku u l-kuntest tagħhomDeBattista, André P.
2020Augustine and the tranquillitas ordinis : some reflections of politics and liberal democracy from De Civitate Dei, book XIXDeBattista, André P.
2020Editorial note : gratis et amorisDeBattista, André P.; Farrugia, Jonathan; Scerri, Hector
2005South European integration watch : the Maltese electorate turns a new leaf? : the first European Parliament election in MaltaPace, Roderick
2003Essays on endogenous trade policiesThede, Susanna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 121