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Title: The photovoltaic greenhouses : a union between sustainable development and agriculture
Authors: Dierna, Giovanni Luca
Ragusa, Davide
Keywords: Photovoltaic power systems
Solar greenhouses
Greenhouse management
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: University of Malta. Institute for Sustainable Energy
Citation: Dierna, G. L., & Ragusa, D. (2013). The photovoltaic greenhouses : a union between sustainable development and agriculture. The ISE Annual Conference, Qawra. 63-72.
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to show the efficiency of introducing PV systems in greenhouses from the point of view of agriculture, from the technological point of view and from the economic point of view. The nursery greenhouses are the main sector in which PV may develop. Greenhouses in fact have qualities that a photovoltaic system needs: the right exposure to direct sunlight and large areas available. If we add to this to the fact that many ornamental plants need shading systems, it is possible to understand how the use of the roofs of greenhouses like structures on which to apply the photovoltaic panels in place of traditional plastic film cover, avoids the use of shading nets or painting and is an excellent investment for the nursery. For horticulture action instead the shading action of the solar panels is a limiting factor for crop growth. Experiments of cultivation of rocket under photovoltaic greenhouse are in progress; the first results show a qualitatively higher than that grown in traditional greenhouses, even if the shelf life is less. The conclusions of this work thus tend to highlight how the technical, functional and aesthetic components of photovoltaic technology coincide with structural components and means of agricultural production, allowing to boost farm income, diversifying income: from the cultivation of vegetables, from the production of ornamental plants, and from the production of electricity.
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