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Title: Enlargement and the Mediterranean dimension of the European Union : the role of Cyprus
Authors: Pace, Roderick
Keywords: European Union -- Cyprus
European Union -- Membership
European Union -- Relations
European Union -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Research and Development Center - Intercollege Press
Citation: Pace, R. (1999). Enlargement and the Mediterranean dimension of the European Union: the role of Cyprus. In A. Teophanous, N. Persistianis, A. Ioannou (Eds.), Cyprus and the European Union (pp. 25-39). Nicosia: Research and Development Center - Intercollege Press.
Abstract: When Cyprus joins the European Union it will be joining a Community of around twenty-one states, that would still be in a process of negotiations for another wave of enlargement, leading eventually to a Union of 27 or more member states. The main characteristics of this Union-to-be will be its heterogeneity in terms of the levels of economic development, languages, religions, political and legal systems, defence and foreign policy orientation. It will be a Union composed mainly of small states with a population of around 10 million or less.1 In a European Union of 21 member states, Cyprus will only be above Luxembourg in population terms, but equal to it in all respects when it comes to participation in the Union's institutions.
ISBN: 9963634001
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