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Title: Xylophagous alien invasive beetles (Coleoptera) in the Maltese Islands
Authors: Mifsud, David
Cutajar, Simone
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Wood borers -- Malta
Introduced organisms -- Malta
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Entomological Society of Malta
Citation: Mifsud, D., Cutajar, S. (2017). Xylophagous alien invasive beetles (Coleoptera) in the Maltese Islands. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta, 9, 79-80
Abstract: In recent years, the Mediterranean basin has been invaded by a substantial number of alien wood-boring beetles, which represent some of the most destructive economic pests worldwide. The term wood-boring beetles encompasses many species of xylophagous beetles whose larval or adult stages eat and destroy wood. The most speciose Coleoptera families of wood-boring beetles include the Cerambycidae, Curculionoidea, Buprestidae and Bostrichidae. The majority of alien wood-boring species are native to southern Asia with a few records from North America. Most of these introductions take place accidentally mostly via international trade of goods, commodities, wood packaging materials and live plants.
ISSN: 2070-4526
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BulESM, 2017, Volume 9

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