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Title: Migrants and refugees : impact and future Policies - case studies of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece
Authors: Pace, Roderick
Bayaner, Ahmet
Bolani, Lydia
Boluk, Gulden
Erdem, Sukru
Fernandez, Berta
Gemi, E.
Ruisi, Francesca
Skleparis, Dimitris
Keywords: Refugees, Arab
Asylum, Right of -- European Union countries
Immigrants -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IEMed
Citation: European Institute of the Mediterranean. (2016). EuroMeSCo Joint Policy Study 4. Migrants and Refugees: Impact and Future Policies : Case studies of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. IEMed.
Abstract: Unsolved conflicts in the Middle East, demographic changes and unfavourable socio-economic situation in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean produced migrants and refugees flows on unprecedented scale. This volume examines the socio-economic impact of those flows and policy responses, focusing on four case studies: Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. The first chapter provides with a general picture and introduces some qualitative and quantitative data of the flows. The following two chapters examine issues related to social and economic integration in three southern Mediterranean countries receiving the biggest number of refugees: Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The last chapter focuses on Greece, the main gate for migrants and refugees entering Europe, giving insights into asylum procedures in Greece, but also, for comparative purposes, in Italy. The Joint Policy Study is the outcome of the Working Package on “Migrants and Refugees. Impact and Policies”, led by the Center for Strategic Studies – University of Jordan, in the framework for the EuroMeSCo ENI Project, co-financed by the European Union and the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed).
ISSN: 24624500
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