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Title: Contract automata : an operational view of contracts between interactive parties
Authors: Azzopardi, Shaun
Pace, Gordon J.
Schapachnik, Fernando
Schneider, Gerardo
Keywords: Deontic logic
Machine theory
Conditional expectations (Mathematics)
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Citation: Azzopardi, S., Pace, G. J., Schapachnik, F., & Schneider, G. (2016). Contract automata: an operational view of contracts between interactive parties. Artificial Intelligence and Law, 24(3), 203-243.
Abstract: Deontic logic as a way of formally reasoning about norms, an important area in AI and law, has traditionally concerned itself about formalising provisions of general statutes. Despite the long history of deontic logic, given the wide scope of the logic, it is difficult, if not impossible, to formalise all these notions in a single formalism, and there are still ongoing debates on appropriate semantics for deontic modalities in different contexts. In this paper, we restrict our attention to contracts between interactive parties, which are both general enough to be an interesting object of study but specific enough so as to narrow down the debates regarding the meaning of modalities, and present a formalism for reasoning about them.
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