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Title: Gamified beacons
Authors: Mizzi, Daniel
Keywords: Gamification
Mobile apps
Shared virtual environments
Educational games
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This thesis focuses around incorporating multiple elements of gamification [1] within the Faculty of ICT . Often, tourists, or even natives, find it tough to become knowledgeable about a city's history. However, through the implementation of games, anything could be learned much more easily! By using transmitters [2] scattered around the Faculty (lowest floor, Level -1), every corner is transformed into an interactable entity. Through an mobile application developed solely for Android, players join together to embark themselves on an exciting adventure which teaches them Valletta's past. The application consists of an alternate reality game, which introduces interactions with various parts of the Faculty of ICT, along with some lesser-known history facts. Unknowingly, players would be digesting information about the city while both having fun and competing with others. The game is developed specifically in a way to encourage knowledge gathering and understanding. The players first find themselves surrounded by characters of the past, each having a piece of story to tell. As the players progress through the game, more knowledge is absorbed and learned by speaking to the various characters available. The characters will occasionally challenge the players with the information being spread, triggering the learning factor. Through alternate reality, the players immerse themselves completely and are constantly tested on the current story-line. As more knowledge is gathered, players unravel the history of the city of Valletta. The main objective, therefore, will be to encourage and lessen the struggle required to learn massive chunks of information. By including an alternate-reality environment, players synchronize their knowledge gain with their playing experience [3]. This will require a rich system with all the features possible to make player-engaging even easier.
Description: B.SC.IT(HONS)
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