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The Department has its origins in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, which was formed in 1994 in response to a national initiative to strengthen support for teaching and research in IT. The Department of Artificial Intelligence, together with the Department of Computer Science, emerged as separate entities as part of the restructuring associated with the creation of the Faculty of ICT in 2007.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with getting machines to behave humanly: to solve complex, ill-specified problems; to learn and discover on the basis of experience; to perceive, to interpret, to classify, to speak, to hear, to hold conversations in English or Maltese. In short, AI studies the general problem of building intelligent artifacts that demonstrate human-like competence in determined areas. The boundary between AI and Computer Science tends to be fluid. There are areas – knowledge representation or data interpretation come to mind – which are thoroughly interdisciplinary. This is as it should be, since when AI discovers a new problem, it looks to Computer Science to extend the tools out of which solutions might be built.


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