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Title: Integrity and the dual use of research
Authors: Engerer, Vanessa
Keywords: Biotechnology
Life sciences
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The scientific advances in genetics and biotechnology, have brought about discoveries that might be used to benefit humanity, but can also be used for malevolent causes. This research is referred to as ‘Dual use research’. These events require ethical decisions to be taken on whether certain research should be allowed and whether certain achievements should be published. Researchers in all the fields of science, especially the life sciences, need to be aware of the possible dual use implications of their research. Recent events in genetic engineering and bioinformatics, as well as the advances in nanotechnology have demonstrated the possible dual use potential of research carried out in the life sciences. Ensuring research integrity is the way forward to enable scientists and scientific institutions to work together so that the decision-making process is based on sound principles and good research practice. Scientists and researchers should be guided by ethical principles and values derived from the duty that they have towards society. The aim of this dissertation is to outline the different fields of research where ethical issues of Dual Use are raised and to describe methods of how to achieve research integrity. Education in research integrity and good research practice is necessary to prepare scientists and researchers for their future work and impart in them a sense of responsibility and integrity. Codes of conduct for researchers and scientists also contribute to the integrity of research. Education on dual use is definitely the way forward to continue raising awareness and educating life scientists about the possible dual use implications of their research. This dissertation will describe methods for continuous education in dual use research and explore educational methods that are currently being used in various institutions and universities.
Description: M.A.BIOETHICS
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