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Title: First field test of FiDeL the magnetic field description for the LHC
Authors: Bottura, Luca
Buzio, Marco
Catalan Lasheras, Nuria
Deniau, Laurent
Castro, Mario di
Fartoukh, S.
Giovannozzi, Massimo
Hagen, Per
Koutchouk, Jean Pierre
Lamont, Mike
Miles, J.
Remondino, Vittorio
Sammut, Nicholas
Sanfilippo, Stephane
Schmidt, Frank
Sernelius, D.
Steinhagen, Ralph
Strzeclzyk, Marek
Tomas, Rogelio
Todesco, Ezio
Venturini Delsolaro, Walter
Walckiers, Louis
Wenninger, Jorg
Wolf, Ronald M.
Xydi, Panagiota
Keywords: Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Magnetic fields
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: PAC
Citation: Bottura, L., Buzio, M., Catalan Lasheras, N., Deniau, L., Di Castro, M., Fartoukh, S.,… Xydi, P. (2009). First field test of FiDeL the magnetic field description for the LHC. First field test of FiDeL the magnetic field description for the LHC, Vancouver.
Abstract: The start-up of the LHC has provided the first field test for the concept, functionality and accuracy of FiDeL, the Field Description for the LHC. FiDeL provides a parametric model of the transfer function of the main field integrals generated by the series of magnets in the LHC powering circuits, comprising superconducting and normal-conducting main optical elements and high-order harmonic correctors. The same framework is used to predict harmonic errors of both static and dynamic nature, and forecast appropriate corrections. In this paper we make use of beam-based measurements taken on the first LHC beams to assess the first-shot accuracy in the prediction of the current setting for the main arc magnets.
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