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Title: Scaling laws for the field quality at injection in the LHC dipoles
Authors: Bottura, Luca
Sammut, Nicholas
Pieloni, Tatiana
Keywords: Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Magnetic dipoles
Magnetic fields
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: CERN LHC
Citation: Bottura, L., Sammut, N., & Pieloni, T. (2004). Scaling laws for the field quality at injection in the LHC dipoles. CERN-LHC-Project-Note-361.
Abstract: The selection and use of reference magnets as a mean to improve predictability and reproducibility of the operation of the LHC depends on whether few magnets can be found that represent the average behavior of a sector, or, in the limit, of the whole accelerator. The purpose of this note is to show that it is possible to select magnets that represent well, on average, a family in the population of the magnets produced so far. We refer to this property by saying that the behavior of a single magnet can be scaled to be equal to the average of a family of magnets. The procedure used to achieve this equivalence is referred to as the scaling law
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