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Title: The field description model for the LHC quadrupole superconducting magnets
Authors: Sammut, Nicholas
Bottura, Luca
Sanfilippo, Stephane
Micallef, Joseph
Keywords: Quadrupoles
Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Magnetic fields
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: INSPIRE
Citation: Sammut, N., Bottura, L., Sanfilippo, S., & Micallef, J. (2006). The field description model for the LHC quadrupole superconducting magnets. European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC06), Edinburgh. 2619-2621.
Abstract: The LHC control system requires an accurate forecast of the magnetic field and the multipole field errors to reduce the burden on the beam-based feed-back. The Field Description for the LHC (FIDEL) is the core of this forecast system and is based on the identification and physical decomposition of the effects that contribute to the total field in the magnet apertures. The effects are quantified using the data obtained from series magnetic measurements at CERN and they are consequently modelled empirically or theoretically depending on the complexity of the physical phenomena. This paper presents a description of the methodology used to model the field of the LHC magnets particularly focusing on the results obtained for the LHC main quadrupoles (MQ) and insertion region wide aperture quadrupoles (MQY).
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