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Title: Focusing strength measurements of the main quadrupoles for the LHC
Authors: Bottura, Luca
Deferne, Guy
Sammut, Nicholas
Sanfilippo, Stephane
Marco, Joseph di
Smirnov, Nikolai E.
Calvi, Marco
Keywords: Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Magnetic fields
Particle beams
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Citation: Bottura, L., Deferne, G., Sammut, N., Sanfilippo, S., Di Marco, J., Smirnov, N., & Calvi, M. (2005). Focusing strength measurements of the main quadrupoles for the LHC. 19th International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT19), Genova.
Abstract: More than 1100 quadrupole magnets of different types are needed for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which is in the construction stage at CERN. The most challenging parameter to measure on these quadrupoles is the integrated gradient (Gdl). An absolute accuracy of 0.1% is needed to control the beta beating. In this paper we briefly describe the whole set of equipment used for Gdl measurements: Automated Scanner system, Single Stretched Wire system and Twin Coils system, concentrating mostly on their absolute accuracies. Most of the possible inherent effects that can introduce systematic errors are discussed along with their preventive methods. In the frame of this qualification some of the magnets were tested with two systems. The results of the intersystem cross-calibrations are presented. In addition, the qualification of the measurement system used at the magnet manufacturer's is based on results of more than 40 quadrupole assemblies tested in cold conditions at CERN and in warm conditions at the vendor site.
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