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Title: Alzheimer and the Mediterranean report 2016 : overview – challenges – perspectives
Authors: Nicaise, Salome
Palermiti, Federico
Abdul-Rahman, Miriam
Alouane, Leila
Alouane, Sandrine
Ankri, Joel
Bartorelli, Luisa
Castel Tallet, Marie Antoinette
Ceccaldi, Mathieu
Desana, Marie-Odile
Do Rosario Zincke, Maria
Gelonch, Antoni
Georges, Jean
Guetin, Stephane
Gzil, Fabrice
Hirsch, Emmanuel
Kissani, Najib
Kocaman, Fusun
Kusan Jukic, Marija
Lefeuvre, Karine
Louchart de la Chapelle, Sandrine
Mimica, Ninoslav
Mneimneh, Mira
Naja, Nabil
Ngatcha-Ribert, Laetitia
Pesce, Alain
Scerri, Charles
Seleari, Maria
Touchan, Jacques
Tsolaki, Magda
Vellas, Bruno
Wortmann, Marc
Zlobec, Stefania
Monegasque Association for Research on Alzheimer’s disease (AMPA)
Keywords: Alzheimer's disease -- Patients -- Care
Alzheimer's disease -- Mediterranean Region
Health surveys -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Monegasque Association for Research on Alzheimer’s disease (AMPA)
Citation: Nicaise, S., Palermiti, F., Abdul-Rahman, M., Alouane, L., Alouane, S., Ankri, J.,… Zlobec, S. (2016). Alzheimer and the Mediterranean report 2016 : overview – challenges – perspectives. Monaco.
Abstract: This report is the first paper to discuss the issues concerning Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders in the Mediterranean region. It aims to assess needs related to the illness and to analyse the emerging medical and social challenges in the region. The report also makes recommendations on a regional and international level in order to be able to anticipate solutions and provide better support and care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. This report presents the results of the ALZMED (Alzheimer and the Mediterranean) study, which was carried out by the Monegasque Association for research on Alzheimer’s disease between June 2013 and July 2014. This study was composed of: • A review of national and international literature on issues related to Alzheimer’s disease in the Mediterranean region. • A survey in the form of a declarative questionnaire, conducted in member countries of the Mediterranean Alzheimer Alliance: Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Portugal, Slovenia, Tunisia and Turkey, via their respective national Alzheimer associations The survey, composed of 78 questions, addressed 11 themes: 1. Prevalence, 2. Public health priorities, 3. Legal and ethical issues, 4. Socio-economic cost, 5. Diagnosis, 6. Care and support, 7. Healthcare professionals, 8. Medical treatments and psychosocial interventions, 9. Research and prevention, 10. Family carers, 11. Public perceptions. Each theme of the report was analysed through 3 different angles: an overview, a summary of the challenges and perspectives, and developing recommendations. The report also includes several interviews with Mediterranean and international experts, supporting the results of the ALZMED survey and highlighting innovative initiatives in the Mediterranean area. This report was drafted during three workshops, which brought together the members of the Mediterranean Alzheimer Alliance in Malta, Thessaloniki and Ljubljana. It has also had been proofread by Fabrice Gzil (Doctor of Philosophy, Head of the Study and Research Centre of the Médéric Alzheimer Foundation, France) and Sandrine Andrieu (Professor of Epidemiology and public health at the University of Toulouse, Director of the INSERM–University of Toulouse Research Unit UMR1027 and Director of the French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, France).
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