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Title: The Paschal mystery and the 'ordo baptismi parvulorum' : part 2
Authors: Pereira, Theodore
Keywords: Paschal mystery
Jesus Christ -- Passion
Rites and ceremonies
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: The Royal University Students' Theological Association
Citation: Pereira, T. (1973). The Paschal mystery and the 'ordo baptismi parvulorum' : part 2. Melita Theologica, 25(1-2), 48-59.
Abstract: On reading the rite of baptism one cannot help observing that the very opening words of the same ('What name do you wish to give ••• ?' 'What do you desire from the Church of God? ') do not adequately bring out God's initiative in man's salvation. However, in all justice one will at the same time also realize that the OBP must be taken in its entire context, and on p. 12 of this study we have refereed to the several passages where the OBP speaks about the initiative of God in offering salvation to man in baptism. Now, such a divine invitation to salvation calls for a fitting response which the children's parents make, asking for 'faith', 'the grace of Christ', 'eternal life', 'salvation'.75 This initial acceptance of the divine call co salvation (which will a little latest on be confirmed though the profession of faith and baptism itself) is ratified by a pact. The infant is signed with the sign of the Cross, 'the sphragis', which from very early times has been used in the baptismal rite of the Church to signify the seal of the new alliance and of incorporation into the new Israel, the sign that the infant now belongs to Christ and shares (by anticipation) in Christ's victory over the forces of evil through his death. on the cross.
Appears in Collections:MT - Volume 25, Issue 1-2 - 1973
MT - Volume 25, Issue 1-2 - 1973

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