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Title: Christian ethical behaviour
Authors: Eminyan, Maurice
Keywords: Christian ethics
Apocryphal Gospels
Christian life
Human behavior
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: The Royal University Students' Theological Association
Citation: Eminyan, M. (1978). Christian ethical behaviour. Melita Theologica, 30(1-2), 1-13.
Abstract: I read once a remark - I believe it had been made by Bishop Fulton Sheen - that in our times we are witnessing the end of Christendom and the renaissance of Christianity. If by Christendom we mean the sum-total of institutions, laws, customs and civil practices inspired by the message of the Gospel and therefore serving as protection and help to christian living, then it is not hard to see how this is truly happening in our day and age. There was a time in certain countries, and for that we do not need to go very far back, when it was anathema to speak of separation of Church and State. It was taken for granted in the so-called Catholic nations that the civil constitution should recognise the Roman Catholic religion as the State religion, and that therefore the latter should enjoy a privileged position vis a vis the State, whose duty it was to protect and defend the Church in every possible way.
Appears in Collections:MT - Volume 30, Issue 1-2 - 1978-1979
MT - Volume 30, Issue 1-2 - 1978-1979

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